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Plastic Smoking Pipe-395
  • Plastic Smoking Pipe-395

Smoking Pipe


Model No.:  395
 Material:  Food Grade Plastic and Metal




  1. External diameter: 10mm
  2. Internal diameter: 7.6mm
  3. Length: 395mm


  1. Deluxe design
  2. Washable and recycled
  3. Keep a good feeling while touching the mouth
  4. Amazing effect will be appeared after using it



  1. Adopt deluxe tie rod bronze head, which is a comfortable filter with fit tension standard.
  2. The filter principle of the tie-rod bronze head is “recycled-filtering”.
  3. Pure physical filter style: smoke impact to the tube wall with high speed by being pressed when go through the little hole, it leads to condense, up to filter at the last.

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