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One-off Plastic Cigarette Filter-390
  • One-off Plastic Cigarette Filter-390



Model No.:  390
 Material:  Food Grade Plastic and Metal




  1. External diameter: 10mm
  2. Internal diameter: 7.6mm
  3. Length: 39mm


  1. Deluxe design
  2. Washable and recycled
  3. Keep a good feeling while touching the mouth
  4. Amazing effect will be appeared after using it



  1. Adopt deluxe tie rod bronze head, which is a comfortable filter with fit tension standard.
  2. The filter principle of the tie-rod bronze head is “recycled-filtering”.
  3. Pure physical filter style: smoke impact to the tube wall with high speed by being pressed when go through the little hole, it leads to condense, up to filter at the last.



  1. You need to clean the tar after ten cigarettes. Turn off bronzed head and pull out tension rod when cleaning, then tar will be sprayed out from the little holes of both sides.. (Notes: you should use tissue to cover little holes while pulling tension rods, because it can prevent fast tar from smearing your clothes).
  2. If the holder is not used with a long time, the hole will be blocked. You must use needle to dredge up at first, and then clean it up.
  3. To be restored new, bronzed head should be soaked into alcohol, after then rinse it with water once a month.

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